The Kids Of Gotham City!


It’s a bird.. It’s a plane! No, it’s Gracie and Lucian fighting crime one bad apple at a time! Note to self DO NOT steal Lucian’s cookies.. You will find yourself head first into the trashcan.. Ewwww!

Gracie is wearing:

Body: TD Baby Girl Body (Toddledoo Store)

Head: Toddledoo Store Kiki Mesh Head (Toddledoo Store)

 Skin: Abigail Buff (Bad Seed)

Eyes: Romantic Eye Applier Hud (Toddledoo Store)

Shape: Toddledoo Baby Maddy (Bad Seed) I have made some minor adjustments as needed.

Hair: Pr!tty-Juno

♔Nails: Polished Mermaid Scales


♔Shirt: Batman Tee found on Marketplace will post link at the bottom.

♔Shoes: From Cutie Cakes “Lil Harley Outfit”


Lucian is wearing:

♔Body: TD Baby Boy (Toddledoo Store)

♔Skin: *-*Purretes *-* Jay  Skin

♔Head:  CB Mesh Head Emily

♔Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Sorcha [Black 02]

♔Shape: Jeffery Baby Shape (Bad Seed)


♔Jacket: Batman Jacket by Jack and Jill

♔Pants: Saggy Hero Jeans by All The Buzz Lil Creations

♔Shoes: Breeze Batman Sneakers by CradleMe Baby Boutique

♔Pacifier: Bat bear Pacifier by CraddleMe Baby Boutique



Brotherly Love by Something New Props and Poses – be sure to check them out!

A special thank you to Lucian for taking this picture with me!







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