Oh that’s where babies come from!

 I’ve wanted a little sister for a while now but my parents say No! So I took matters into my own hands and used my magic box from Jester Inc to a baby sister! I grabbed the wand and said Abracadabra.. then opened the box and there is a baby with a sign! Hopefully my parents can read the sign because I cant… 

Body: TD Baby Girl Body (Toddledoo Store)

Head: Toddledoo Store Kiki Mesh Head (Toddledoo Store)

 Skin: Abigail Buff (Bad Seed)

Eyes: Romantic Eye Applier Hud (Toddledoo Store)

Shape: Custom

Hair: Juno (Pr!tty)

Nails: Lacey (Polished)


♔Magic Outfit (Jester Inc.) Includes magic wand and hat! 

♔Vintage Mary Janes; Red (Tiptoes)

Props and Poses:

♔Its Magic (Something New Poses and Props)

♔Zooby-Baby Girl


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