There’s Always Time For Tea!

tea party_001

Today Harper and I decided to have our very own tea party! We even invite my Elsa bear! You can get this tea set and this adorable dress @ Thimble now keep reading I’ll provide more info now! 

My Outfit:

I Love Spring-Green (Periwinkle) @Thimble

Gladiator Sandals-Black (Little Miss)

Props and Poses:

Princess Tea Set-Gacha (So Silly) @ Thimble!

So Silly Princess Tea & Toast Set Gacha Ad 01.png







Princess For A Day! ♔

Bebe Gown_001

Its not always easy being a princess but hey if the crown fits.. Being a princess means I get to go on all kinds of fun adventures to far away lands.. I’ve even had hot chocolate with Elsa, swam in the ocean with Ariel and met Snow White seven dwarfs and still managed to make it back for dinner! If you want to have your very own princess adventures and look just like a princess make sure you check out this awesome gacha out now @Thimble by Sophie’s Closet made exclusively for BEBE Body!

The Outfit:

Isabella Gacha Gown-Mint {SC} @Thimble For BEBE BODY ONLY!

-Mint Shoes -Necklace 

{SC} Isabella Gacha Key.png

Props and Poses:

Blogger Basics (In The Moment)




No Sleep In Sight!


I’m not sure why grownups call sleepovers.. sleepovers because no one hardly sleeps! I mean look at us wide awake.. My momma keeps saying we will eventually crash hard.. We shall see! Be sure to check out this awesome pose from Enchanted Poses out now @ Color Me Cute! 

Props and Poses:

Sleep Tight (Enchanted Poses) @Color Me Cute



Lil Shoppers!

Lil Shoppers_001

If there’s one thing my momma passed on it was her love for shopping! So Harper and I decided we needed to go shopping for toys and candy today! We both look super cute in our outfits from Little Clover keep reading so you can find out where you can get them! 

Outfit details:

Gracie’s Outfit:

Glitter and Hearts Denim Outfit-Rare(Little Clover)@ The Playroom!

Little Boots (Sugar and Spice)

Harpers Outfit:

Woodsy Jumper-Deer (Little Clover) @Ninety Nine!

Props and Poses:

Lil Shoppers (Enchanted Poses)










Lil Momma!

thimble1_002 Everyone meet Molly my momma brought home just for me. I keep asking for a baby sister but I guess this works for now! I even got to wear my new dress today! 

My Outfit:

Cat Dress (Doce Dengo) @Thimble! Shoes Included! 


I read Molly a story just like my momma and daddy! 

Props and Poses:

♔Dolly Princess Crib with Doll (Soda Pop Shop) Part of The Princess Bedroom Set! 


This being a momma is hard work!  I need a nap! Be sure to head over to Thimble and check out all the super cute adorableness available this round!  





Free Cooties!

kissing booth

Even though Valentines Day was last week I just have to share these pics with you guys! This dog was so cute.. I wanted to take him home with us but my mom and dad said no. I guess since my goldfish died I cant have a dog. They said I’m not so good at this pet thing! Can you believe that! I guess one day I will learn responsibility..

My Outfit:

Sister Dress-Pink (Afro Baby)

afro baby dress 3

Be sure to check this super adorable dress out!