The Waiting Game…

waiting on santa_002

This waiting on Santa game is tough business.. My momma says I’m getting my practice in for Christmas Eve Night! This Lazy Day Mattress by Once Upon A Toy Box is perfect for camping out in your living room waiting on the big guy to bring ur gifts! Its out now @The Toddleedoo Fair! 

Props and Poses:

Lazy Day Matress-Santa (OUATB) @The Toddleedoo Fair!





The Little Sister!

Snapshot _ Eternity Haven (225, 116, 20) - Moderate

Sometimes being the youngest isn’t so bad.. you get away with a lot more! Like riding your hover board down the stairs..eating ice cream for breakfast and lots more! But back to business you guys need to head over to Casper Mart and check out all the awesome things they have!

The Outfit:

The Little Sister-Black (Casper Mart)

Kids Galaxy Pants (Casper Mart)

Wing Light Sneakers-Black (MoMo)

Props and Poses:

Pink Hover Board (Casper Mart) Just add and go!