The Sound Of Silence!


So today while my momma wasn’t paying attention I was super sneaky ran into her room and went to her closet.. She has all these awesome shoes, most of her shoes are boots but in the very back there is a few pairs of heels. I know that I’m not supposed to take stuff without asking but I just had to try these on and everyone knows you can wear heels and not makeup so I grabbed her makeup bag and ran back to my room.. I hope she doesn’t get to mad! 


dorks_002Even though there is a huge mess on the floor I still look super adorable! Read below for where to get everything I’m wearing! 

My Outfit:

♔Kendall Heart Romper-Blush (Lula Belle) @Ninety Nine!

 ♔Mommy’s Shoes-White (Gypsy Heart) Gacha @ The Playroom Event!

.gypsy heart. Mommy's Shoes Gacha Key 1024

Make Up Applier-Messy Face Set (Bad Seed)


Footsteps! I hurry up and try to look innocent and cute so maybe I wont get in so much trouble! This adorable Candy Heart Ottoman by DoRks that I got at Ninety Nine should help do the trick. Ill provide more info and a landmark below! 

Props and Poses:

Heart Candy Ottoman (DoRks) @Ninety Nine! Available in 7 Different Styles! 

Make Up Mess (Kidz Lab) part of the Momma’s Closet Set 

Sweet Baby Cleaning Set (Sweet Baby)

Say Cheese Girly Pose Set


Be sure to check all the awesome items I featured in this post and remember silence is golden but is dangerous if I’m around!  










Ice Cream or Felony? I’ll decide on the way…♔

Ice Cream or Felony_001

Today I jumped in my little pink coop and took off toward the ice cream shop.. On my way there I came across this motorcycle shop.. Well just say I traded my coop in for a awesome new bike! Thanks to the people at Ride Em Hard I know have a new ride! I look super cute thanks to my new outfit from Ohana too! Be sure to check them both out! 

Ice Cream or Felony_002

The Outfit:

Thomasin Sweat Set (Ohana) Coming Soon To Thimble! 

Wing Light Sneakers;Black (MoMo) 

The Bike:

The Little Devil Dress In Pink (Ride Em Hard) 

Ice Cream or Felony_003



I’m Back!!

blog pic1_001After much debate and time away from blogging I’ve decided to come back and hit it full force and not let the haters and the drama cause me to walk away from something I once loved! I’m really glad to be back and cant wait to see what the future holds! This super adorable outfit is made by Little Clover and is out now @Thimble! Be sure to head over and check it out! 

The Outfit:

♔Heartsy Outfit (Little Clover) @Thimble!

Props and Poses:

My Little Heart Chair (Tiny Gems) @Ninety Nine!

Check both of this awesome items out! 






Pretty In Pink!

Snapshot _ Eternity Haven (174, 48, 21) - Moderate

It was super cold outside today so my momma told me to grab my winter jacket and gloves! At least I’ll be warm and super adorable! You can get these winter gloves at Tiny Cakez and this adorable jacket from Muddpuddles! 


dorks1_001Another Christmas picture I forgot to post over the busy holidays! This adorable pose was out by DoRks and perfect the people who were so cheerful about the holidays! Be sure to check it out! 

Props and Poses: