My Ohana… ❤


Even in the moments.. I’ve not been so lovable these guys have stood beside me.. Moments when anyone else would have walked away.. We might need to take our moments to cool down and come back and come back to the situation once we are level headed but that’s what family does.. you love each other in the moments that you cant even stand each other.. Thank you for always being there.. I love your faces.. Ohana means family and family means no one.. gets left behind ever.. 


No Hablo Stupid!


productive at its best_003.pngGrab this awesome shirt set from Tot-R-Us! Its available in TD, Bebe, and Maitreya! Keep reading for more info! 

The Shirts:

♔No Hablo Stupid (TRU)




Nope Not Today!


productive at its best_007.pngSome days are better than others.. For the days you don’t wanna deal with people.. grab yourself this outfit from Tot-R-Us!  Ps my tattoos are stickers! What happens at my daddy’s stays at my daddy’s! Go grab this outfit! 

The Outfit:

Nope Outfit (TRU)


Warning War Zone!

productive at its best_006What’s better than a pool? A water balloon fight! Grab this awesome water balloon fight set from Peaches! This adorable swim suit is by Tot-R-Us! Grab them both and grab you friends because its game on! 

The Bathing Suit:

Mermaid Swim (TRU)




Going On A Bear Hunt..

Its never dull moment around our house and today is no different! I decided to go out and hunt a bear! This adorable gacha set from Grunt is perfect and definitely inspired the bravery needed! So keep Reading!

Camping Pic1Threw some clothes and some boots.. grabbed my most important stuff and headed out! 

Camping Pic2You can go on a bear hunt without a tent.. and a campfire! So I sat there for a bit and made some smores drank some rootbeer.. without much luck.. 

Camping Pic3After the sugar wore off.. I crashed hard! A nap was definitely needed !

Camping Pic4 
Out of nowhere this bear shows up! She circles my tent for a second.. I was really scared at first started wishing my daddy was there.. I guess she knew I was afraid so she told me it was okay she was gonna hurt me and she just wanted a smore! 
Camping Pic5

I slowly walked over and petted her nose.. just to make sure she was really not gonna hurt or eat me! Things were safe so I made her a few smores! Then before she had to leave she let me go for a ride on her back! 

Camping Pic6I can wait to show my momma and daddy! I got to ride a real bear! Just as we were heading to the land of cupcakes and sprinkles.. I heard what sounded like a door slam.. 

camping 7Just like that I woke up in my bed.. with my favorite bear! I guess my daddy brought me inside from the backyard.. Maybe its time to lay off the candy! 


You can grab these awesome props by Grunt @ The Cove Event!